Prepaid cards offer convenience, choice, and flexibility for your program administrators, participants, and cardholders.

Plastic Reward cards

Classic physical prepaid cards are as good as cash and universally
accepted by merchants everywhere. SVM offers traditional plastic
prepaid cards available from Visa®, Mastercard® and Discover®, which are universally accepted by merchants everywhere.

SVM Link™ Prepaid Mastercard

SVM Link Card is the virtual prepaid card that bridges the payment gap.

All the same benefits of a physical card but skip the plastic waste. The SVM Link virtual card can be delivered in near real-time, provisioned into the major digital wallet providers and made available for in-store or online payments in just minutes. SVM Link Card brings virtual cards to the real world.

Custom Card Packages

SVM Payments offers a broad selection of customizable prepaid cards,
including fully customized card carrier options. Customization is available for our plastic and virtual cards, reinforcing your brand with cardholders from delivery to purchase, every step of the way.

Print On Demand

Print-on-demand prepaid cards are available for a truly
customized experience and eliminates the need for pre-printed inventory.
This provides clients with freedom to create multiple card designs for
a point of difference between brands/promotions and the ability to
test offers and develop targeted marketing strategies.

Greeting Card Carriers

Create a more personal reward experience for your valued customers
with an elegant greeting card carrier that pairs customized design with messaging. This includes prepaid cards that feature your graphics or branding and give you the ability to include special messages, including personalization for each recipient.

Multi-Merchant Cards

Multi-merchant Prepaid Cards allow you to select national, regional or local merchants to extend custom options to the purchase experience. These particular cards (also known as Restricted Access or Filtered Prepaid Cards) create a truly unique shopping experience for cardholders. SVM Payments offers pre-selected merchant cards, or you can create your own, to reinforce your brand, as well as your incentive program.