Payment Solutions

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by converting cash and check payments to custom prepaid cards.

Consumers Love Prepaid Cards

More Convenient Than Cash Or Checks

  • NFunds Available Immediately
  • NAbility To Use In-store or Online
  • NImproves Customer Experience
  • NSafer To Carry Than Cash[1]
  • NVirtual Card Options Available
  • NUniversally Accepted Cards

Recipient Preference*

(*when given a choice between $50 open loop card vs. $50 in cash)

Brands value prepaid Cards

Generate Marketing Impressions with Prepaid Cards

Place your brand on a prepaid card and let it serve as a pocket billboard.

Cash or Check Payment

The lifespan of cash or checks is limited to simply
receiving the cash payment, followed by using the payment.

Prepaid Card Payment

Prepaid cards offer more opportunity to generate marketing impressions
and build brand loyalty throughout the entire lifespan of the card.

Businesses Prefer Prepaid Cards

Reduce Costs

Drive Efficiency

Reduce Fraud

Eliminate Escheatment

Reduce Shrinkage

Drive Spend-back