Incentive Solutions

Industry experience, creativity and stability allow SVM to create successful, cost-effective prepaid card programs for your Employees, Salespeople, Consumers and Channels.

Employee Incentives

Whether you’re looking to engage with or inspire your employees, or rewarding outstanding achievements or milestones, trust SVM to deliver the right prepaid reward card solution.

  • Performance Incentives
  • Employee Engagement & Recognition
  • Safety Awareness Rewards
  • Wellness Program Incentives
  • Recruiting & Retention Incentives

Employee reward programs often feature a customized card and can be single-load or reloadable. Spot rewards lend themselves to single-load cards, but when looking for continuity, reloadable reward cards are a great option. Custom single-load or reloadable options are available for domestic or international use.

Consumer Incentives

Promotions are designed to breed loyal customers, earn repeat business and increase brand recognition. Matching the right incentive to your customer programs is often the most critical step in creating an engaging consumer promotion.

  • Consumer Rebate Incentives
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards
  • Purchase Incentives
  • Customer Retention Incentives
  • Customer Engagement Programs

SVM has the expertise to help you determine the best rewards for your budget and develop a program that achieves your desired outcome, program goals, and objectives.

Sales Incentives

Maximize your incentive budget and create a “win-win” for your sales team and your organization, by choosing prepaid reward cards. Keep salespeople motivated by matching the right reward and delivery method, to changes in sales behaviors.

  • Performance Incentives
  • Sales Revenue Rewards
  • Certification Incentives
  • Goals & Achievement Awards
  • Sales Team Contest Incentives

SVM offers universal reward cards and digital reward cards that meet the needs of most incentive programs.

Channel Incentives

Are you building strong, rewarding relationships with your dealers, distributors and channel partners? Utilize prepaid cards to inspire loyalty with your dealer networks and the opportunity to further engage with your channel partners.

  • Performance Incentives
  • Dealer Sales Revenue Incentives
  • Distributor Incentives
  • Channel Loyalty Rewards
  • Channel Partner Engagement Programs

SVM can provide the right rewards to motivate specific behaviors from your channels and partners.