Prepaid cards provide opportunities to communicate and engage with your customers, employees and sales channels.

Cardholder Engagement Strategy

Prepaid Cards help reinforce brand awareness and extend communication with your valued customers.

Additional opportunities to increase engagement with consumers and share important information about your upcoming promotions.

SVM’s innovative platform helps drive and motivate cardholder behaviors, to align with your business objectives and desired results.

Prepaid With A Purpose

Increase Customer Engagement

  • Improve Payment Process for Customers
  • Create Sense of Urgency with Special Offers
  • Drive Customer Spending Back to Your Stores
  • Eliminate Lost Sales Due to Customer Cash Limitations

Improve Brand Loyalty

  • Generate New Customer Referrals
  • Reinforce Product and Brand Loyalty
  • Reward Your Longtime Loyal Customers
  • Build Emotional Connection to Your Brand

Introduce New Products

  • Reward Consumer Product Purchases
  • Motivate Purchases with Rebate Payments
  • Improve Customer Purchase Experience
  • Target Your Customers with Product Offers

Reinforce Brand Awareness

  • Create Multiple Branding Impressions
  • Improve Customer Loyalty to Your Brand
  • Replace Checks with Branded Prepaid Cards
  • Create Post-sale Marketing Communications